Hazard Mitigation Plan

2023 Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan

The South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG) completed an update to the Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan for 15 municipalities in South Central Connecticut. The purpose of the plan is to provide the region with a comprehensive examination of all natural hazards affecting the area and help reduce the region’s vulnerability to natural hazards and ease the burden of keeping communities safe and resilient. Through the Plan, the participating municipalities are eligible for FEMA mitigation program funding before and after potential natural disasters. The Plan is required to be updated every five years. It has received FEMA approval and has been officially adopted as of April 3, 2023.

The North Branford Town Council adopted the 2023 SCRCOG Hazard Mitigation Plan Update on April 4, 2023. The development of the Plan was a collaborative effort between many stakeholders representing the region including SCRCOG staff, the governments of the 15 participating municipalities and stakeholders. The mission of the Plan is to: Reduce or eliminate risk to people and property from natural hazards and climate change. The Plan provides the Region with a comprehensive mitigation strategy for prioritizing projects, programs and activities that will save lives and reduce losses from impacts of natural disasters.

A municipality Annex specific to the Town of North Branford was developed to assist the town with the process of implementing and maintaining the 2023 SCRCOG Mitigation Plan Update. The Annex includes a Municipality Profile, Risk Analysis, Capability Assessment, and Mitigation Actions.

2023 SCRCOG Hazard Mitigation Plan - Update Annex Town of North Branford